Custom Bulletins


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  Stand alone Windows software

  100s of graphics (memorial images, logos and more)

•   Includes 100s of prayers

•   8.5" x 11" and 8.5" x 14"

  Samples and templates for all formats

  Rich Text Formatting

  Text alignment (left, right, center and block justification)

  Backup and Restore functions to save bulletin compositions

  Foreign language character support

  FREE Tech Support and FREE Updates

Standard color of bulletin sheets is white and available in both 24lb and 28lb text weight well as in light card stock on a special request basis.

All colors and textures are also available as special request (minimum quantities may apply).  Perforated lines can also be made down the long side of the sheet and configured in any format you may want.

Packages of bulletin stock are shrink wrapped in packages of 500 sheets each.  Perforation is at the rate of 40 teeth per inch (TPI) for clean and easy separation.