Telephone Tear Off Sheets

What are They?

Arguably the best $7.99 you will have ever spent to make your point known to the people who would be most interested in what you're offering!

They are the flimsy pieces paper with torn strips on the bottom that you often see on bulletin boards in apartment complexes, grocery stores, hardware stores, book stores, restaurants and virtually anywhere else you would expect people to discover that you're looking for a roommate or an apartment, need a reliable baby sitter, offer discount mulching, lost a pet, or want to advertise that you're offering piano lessons.

Click samples below to view larger images (included in the FREE software).

Apartment for Rent
Helping Hands
Music Lessons
Lost Pet
Roommate Wanted
Landscaping Services

Our tearoff sheets are made of medium weight card stock to withstand the handling you would expect them to get. They are pre-perforated and die cut for neat, clean and easy separation. And they come in outrageous colors such as electric green, electric yellow and fuchsia, as well as white for the otherwise faint of heart.

And, all orders come with free software that enables you to print sheets using your own photos, graphics and anything else you can think of to get your point across. Samples and templates are included. Also comes with 100s of graphics and consecutive numbering capability for "lottery offerings". Need another sheet? Hit Print.

Order Now! As Low as $7.99!

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