5-up, 1 stub

Edge-to-Edge Printing!

The 5-up format includes a 1/2" border around the perimeter of the ticket sheet.  Normally, printer drivers do not permit printing to the edge of a sheet of paper and prohibit you from printing to within 1/4" from the edge.  This 1/2" of the 5-up format border "fools" your printer into thinking it is larger than it is so that you can achieve edge-to-edge printing!

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The perforation of the border is micro-perforated (30 holes per inch), assuring clean and neat separation.  Each sheet measures 7" x 11"; each ticket is 6" x 2". The tear off stub is 2" in from the end. And, there is always the reverse side of the ticket when even more information is necessary. 

NOTE:  Pricing is based on quantity of tickets selected, per color.

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