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Memorial Stationery

Highest Quality, All Formats,

Simply Blank!

(EXTREME Cost Effectiveness!)


We have served the Funeral Industry with Memorial Printing Software and paper products since 1987. Now we're providing a complete line of high quality, blank memorial stationery to compliment that software.

parchment colors

Most stationery available in both white (smooth and glossy) and parchment.

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Door Hangers (2 Formats)
Chinese Auction Cards
Prayer Cards (All sizes)
Tent Signs
Id Tags
Grave Markers
Memorial Calendars

Or, Design Your Own Stationery!

Sometimes it's just not possible to find something that meets your specific needs. Whether it's a simple perforation at the bottom of invoices or your Cost of Goods and Services, or a unique Thank You Card for families, it just may not otherwise be available.

We have been perforating, scoring and die-cutting paper for decades and welcome the opportunity of putting our experience to work for you.

We invite you to call and discover how cost effective this can be for you!

3 Simple Steps . . .

1. Describe What You Want . . .

  • A uniquely sized Service Folder . . .
  • Casket display tent signs in Parchment . . .
  • Something to support your inventory or record keeping . .
  • We'll be glad to help you with your design!

2. Select Paper, ANY Paper . . .

  • Electric Green Card stock?
  • Pewter Gray Parchment
  • Glossy 8 1/2" x 14" paper?
  • We're always happy to talk about paper!

3. There IS no 3! The rest is up to us.

At this point, the ball is in our court. Now we provide you with a .pdf schematic and quick, no-nonsense rate quote for your review and approval.

Just call us at 800-364-1509

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